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Academic Verbs of Purpose

Purpose                                    Verbs
To show analysis                 analyse, appraise, define, diagnose, explore, identify, investigate, observe
To summarize                       assess, conclude, feature, highlight
To indicate control
(to be stable or
to maintain at a level)     constrain, control, govern, influence, inhibit, limit, maintain, prohibit, regulate, secure
To discuss findings            attest, confirm, contend, demonstrate, document, indicate, reveal
To state                                    comment, convey, elaborate, establish, identify, propose
To show increase               advance, development, enlarge, exceed, extend, facilitate, improve, increment, 
To show decrease             alleviate, cease, decline, depress, descent, deteriorate, minimize, subside, reduce
To show change                 alter, accommodate, difference, evolve, fluctuate, generate, transform, transition, vary
To indicate
in a figure                               depict, display, illustrate, portray, reveal
To indicate
in a table                                 classify, enumerate, gives, lists, presents, summarizes
To stress that
a task has been
performed in-depth        adequately, comprehensively, exhaustively, extensively, thoroughly
To show parts                      comprise, compose of, constitute, encompass, include, incorporate
To indicate a
negative stand                    challenge, contradict, disagree, dispute, reject, question
To indicate a
positive stand                     confirm, compliment, corroborate, substantiate, support, uphold, validate, verify
To show
approximation                  approximate, estimate, resemble, predict
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